What is our Solution?

Our products contain a proprietary antimicrobial formula called Zetrisil, that kills germs on contact and provides long-term protection against germs.  Upon application, the antimicrobial covalently bonds to a surface, forming a bio-static layer of charged nano-spikes that continually shock and penetrate the outer cell membranes of harmful germs, resulting in mechanical kills. The physical action of the charged spikes (like microscopic pin cushions) ensures that microbes cannot adapt to become resistant against this technology. The protected surface continues to kill germs for up to 28 days! 

Unlike conventional chemical-based antimicrobials, our products continue working after the solution dries. In fact, the EPA has proven that one application of kills germs for 28 days on hard surfaces.

Is this applied with drones?

Yes!  On areas where it makes sense we use drones equipped with electrostatic sprayers for quick and effective application of our products.  Examples of where a drone may be a better solution than a hand sprayer would be large warehouses, sports facilities, large open floorplan offices, playgrounds, gyms, etc.

For areas too small for a drone we use handheld electrostatic sprayers to ensure complete coverage.  These electrostatic sprayers create a static cling like result which gives full coverage when applied to non flat surfaces are sprayed.  

Watch the video to learn more about electrostatic spraying.


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